7 things to do in Bhutan

If we were to choose from several things in Bhutan, we would choose seven things to do in Bhutan. There are endless activities and places to visit. From several activities we would recommend seven things to do in Bhutan. Our list of seven things to do in Bhutan are the most popular activities done by most of our clients. Bhutan is visited mostly by well-educated senior citizens interested in culture and uniqueness of the country. Keeping in mind the well-being of our guests and their level of fitness we have chosen seven things to do in Bhutan. Our list of seven things to do in Bhutan touches every aspect of Bhutanese life and culture. We take our guest to the heart of Bhutanese home and culture and tradition.

Bhutan is known for its uniqueness. Uniqueness of its culture and tradition. So, most of the things to do in Bhutan is a mix of cultural tour and the specific tour one is interested. Some of the most popular things to do in Bhutan are. 

Cultural tour
Cultural tours take you to historical sites and places of religious importance. You will visit forts, temples, houses which are mostly 300-400 years old. You will even intermingle with the locals and get to know first hand the life of Bhutanese people. Read more about Cultural tour
Bhutan has some of the most beautiful places to trek. We have different grades of treks. One can choose from an easy one-day trek to the world’s toughest trek. More Trekking details
Festivals in Bhutan is a major attraction. Most festivals are either in the spring or in the fall. For festival dates you can check festivals dates 2015
Bhutan has over 300 species of birds. With the government policy to maintain 60% forest cover for all times. Bhutan is a nature habitat for bird and a Bhutan water’s paradise for bird lovers.
Mountain Biking
Mountain biking in Bhutan can be fun. With less traffic and great scenery biking around Bhutanese road can be a great experience. More details about Mountain biking

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